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This article’s title  is a saying that one of a couple does not want to hear. There is another sense to the saying, “Someone has come between us” that is necessary and salutary.  David and Jonathan were close friends and in the Lord they realized something about their friendship:

“And as for the matter of which you and I have spoke, behold the LORD is between you and me forever.” (1 Samuel 20: 23)

Jonathan knew that their friendship, their brotherhood, in this time of conflict with his Father, King Saul, could only exist in the Lord:  He had come between them.–AS an aside, this verse is one proof disproving the progressivist canard that David and Jonathan were “more than friends”.  If they were, then the LORD would be denying his own word about the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.  He could not be between two people in a perverted sexual dalliance. We all need the Lord to be between us.  Why?

Answer:  our love is not pure on it’s own.  It is astray and this is as old as Adam.   Our love tends toward darkness and even perversion, of ALL sorts. Pr. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in Life Together, diagnoses the problem: 

“Human love is directed to the other person for his own sake, spiritual love loves him for Christ’s sake. Therefore, human love seeks direct contact with the other person; it loves him not as a free person but as one whom it binds to itself. It wants to gain, to capture by every means; it uses force. It desires to be irresistible, to rule.”

His diagnoses describes the stuff of what goes for ‘love and romance’ as Woody Allen, who knows too much of dark human love that wants to possess, in this scene from his movie “Annie”:

He so wants her. Notice, it sounds as if the word “love” becomes “loath”.  So our human love can if there is not something between us.  First it is God’s Law, especially the 6th commandment and this is for all people. His Law is a buffer. Pull that out, then scenes like the one above and they are abounding. Those who have seen the movie knows that their ‘relationship’ does not survive.  Only the LORD can sustain friendship and marriage. This direct love of each other is the stuff of soap operas, hit shows like Game of Thrones, House of Card, literally ad nauseum.  The desire is for the other but at the cost of direct control.  Only in the Lord is love, steadfast love, be it friendship, family, or marriage, is forever, as He is risen from the dead.  Only the Lord purifies our love and our loves and each of us in His love to save sinners.  He has come between us in His forgiveness, His Gospel for true repentance, even and especially in love. Thank the LORD, for His abounding steadfast love alone endures forever (see Psalm 136, the refrain, 26 times).  Christ alone is our peace (Ephesians 2: 14).

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