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One of the Gospel lessons for the 1st Sunday in Advent is the narrative of Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, a crucial Advent and the culmination of the 1st Advent. 

From Pastor Johann Gerhard’s Sermon on the Lord Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem:

For we do not preach ourselves, St. Paul says in 2 Cor. 4:5, but we preach Jesus Christ, that He is the Lord. We, however, are your servants for Jesus’ sake. It’s as if the apostle wants to say: There are many of those who preach themselves, who present dreams and ordinances of men, who direct everything to the end of themselves being held in high esteem. But that should not be. Christ alone must be set upon the colt. He alone with His Spirit and Word should rule in the hearts of mankind. His glory alone should be sought and proclaimed…the evangelists record that the little people took off their garments and spread them out before Him along the way…For whoever does a good thing for one of the least ones in Christ’s name, has done it also for Christ Himself (Mat 10: 42;25: 40)…If one gives food and clothing, i.e., temporal livelihood, to the servants of the churches and schools (1 Tim 6: 18-19), that is nothing more than a person spreading clothes to prepare the way for Christ in order for Him to make His entry to us.”

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